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Biewer Yorkie Terriers - Breed Standard

Official Breed & Show Standard of the American Canine Registry & The Biewer Yorkie Association

Overall Appearance:

Longhaired small terrier type dog with long flowing silky hair over entire body. Body structure should be compact and neat in appearance. Short/docked tail or a natural tail carried upright. Erect feathered ears. Overall well proportioned. Alert & active.


The head area should be small and semi-flat, not rounded. Hair on head should be long and flowing, straight and of acceptable color of tan, black, chocolate or white.. Head should be in proportion to body giving a balanced overall appearance.

Faults: Rounded skull, wavy hair, unproportional to body.

Disqualifications: Any color other than stated.


The ears should be V shaped if carried erect, tipped or button and spaced in a manner which gives the head an overall balanced appearance. Should be covered with hair that feathers out and down.

Faults: Erect ears whose hair does not feather. Tulip or Pear shaped erect ears.

Disqualifications: Cropped ears or mismatched ears.


The eyes should be medium in size, bright, alert and expressive. Eyes should be spaced to give an overall balanced appearance within the head region in relation to the skull size and the ear set. Eyes should look forward. Eyes may be green, gold or dark colored. Eye rims should be chocolate or dark in color.

Faults: Too large or too small eyes. Dull or unexpressive eyes. Unbalanced appearance. Eyes that do not look straight.

Disqualifications: Any color other than stated. Pink eyes rims.


Nose must be black or liver in color with no pink/white areas. Muzzle should be equal to half the width of the space between the ears or slightly longer. Nasals should be of appropriate size to allow breathing without difficulty.

Faults: Muzzle to short or too long.

Disqualifications: Nose any color other than stated or bi-color. Nasals of improper size causing breathing problems. Noisy breathers.


The teeth should be clean, of equal size and spacing in either a scissor bite or level bite.

Faults: Unclean, of incorrect spacing and size.

Disqualifications: Undershot or over bite.


Compact with impressive stature, level top line, long-straight silky striped/banded coat starting at the top line and flowing down the sides, well formed rib cage area, shoulders and hips. Of sufficient muscle and body mass as to have a healthy appearance.


White, straight and set in line with the body slightly behind the shoulder. Elbows neither tucked or bowed out. Covered with silky flowing straight hair. With or without dewclaws.

Faults: Slight Bowed or hocked should be severely penalized. Elbows tucked or bowed. Hair of insufficient length to not give a regal appearance. Wavy hair.

Disqualifications: Overly Bowed or Hocked legs or elbows. Any color other than White.

Hind Legs:

White, straight with slight bend at knee area. Covered with silky flowing white straight hair. Preferably without dewclaws.

Faults: Slight bowed or hocked should be severely penalized. Hair of insufficient length to not give a regal appearance. Wavy hair.

Disqualifications: Overly bowed or hocked legs. Any color other than white.


Rounded with toenails being white, liver or black.

Faults: Toenails any color other than white, liver or black.


Docked or left natural. Either is acceptable and neither is preferred over the other. A natural tail should be carried slightly higher than the top line of the back. Tail should be straight with a slight upward curve at the end. Covered with long, straight, flowing, silky hair. : A docked tail should be docked so that at maturity there is a 2.5 to 3 inch length.

Faults: Tail carried to low. Hair not straight or long enough to give regal appearance. Tail docked to short giving a stubbed appearance.

Disqualifications: Tail curved over back.


The hair should be silky both in appearance and to the touch. The hair should be straight and never wavy. The hair should be no less than 3/4 down the sides of the dog and preferably just slightly off the ground. No undercoat is allowed. Coat on body of dog must be black, blue or chocolate in color with white bands/stripes to be no less than 25% of the total body area. Symmetrical white areas on face are preferred but not mandatory.

Black or Blue coated dogs must have black nose, black eye rims and black or white toe nails.

Brown coated dogs must have brown nose, brown eye rims and brown or white toe nails. There can be no black on a brown dog.

Disqualifications: White areas not sufficient enough to distinguish dog as a Biewer Yorkie. Excessive white spotted rather than banded/striped.


4 pounds - up to and including 12 pounds

Faults: 13 pounds or over.

Disqualifications: Less than 4 pounds.


Up to and including 9 inches measured from ground to withers.

Faults: Over 9 inches in height severely penalized.


Male, Female or Altered. No preference is given.

Judging Considerations:

Considerations should be given to females with a blown coat from whelping and nursing so as to not penalize breeders for conditions beyond their control as long as a sound judgment can be made on what the dog would look like with a full coat.

Total Disqualifications:

Crypto males. Thin hair or bald areas not related to whelping or nursing,

Any animal exhibiting vicious tendencies or unable to be brought under control.

Show Requirements:

Must be Micro-chipped and micro-chip recorded with registry and/or breed club. Micro-chip must be scanned and verified at every show. DNA hair follicles must be submitted at every show prior to showing.

Breeder Requirements and Disqualifications:

Breeders/Owners/Handlers are responsible for the actions and well-being of any animal in their possession or brought onto the premises of any show grounds.

Any person considered to be being abusive to any animal on the show grounds will be disqualified and ask to remove themselves and their animals from the premises.

Every animal entering the show grounds must be registered with the show personnel.

Every animal entering the grounds must have a clean bill of health, be current on vaccinations and be accompanied by a Interstate Health Certificate issued no more than 10 days of that day.


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