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Our dogs

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers - Male dogs


Yorkshire Terriers - Female dogs


Biewer Yorkshire Terriers

History of the Biewer Yorkie:

Biewer Yorkshire TerriersThe Biewer Yorkie originated in Germany in 1984 and was a belted/banded genetic recessive gene occurrence exhibiting a specific banded/stripped offspring reportedly produced by Gertrud and Werner Biewer's Yorkshire Terriers. The sire and dam of the first recognized Biewer Yorkie were reportedly "Darling of Friedheck" and "Frufru of Friedheck" .

The Biewer's saw this little dog with it's white markings as extraordinarily attractive and began the selective breeding process to produce more. The Biewer's named these little dogs with their white base coat "Biewer Yorkshire a la Pom Pon". Thus the beginning of the Biewer Yorkies as we know them today.

The first German Biewer Yorkshire club was established on May 24, 2003.
The Biewer Yorkie was recognized as a breed unto itself long before this date though when the general public recognized it unofficially as a breed.

The Biewer Yorkshire is bred, registered and shown in other countries and is on the top of the popularity list for the United States. Few registries in the United States as this date have acknowledge the Biewer Yorkshire as a breed. The American Canine Registry is one of the few and the first United States known registry that does recognize the Biewer as a breed and is helping to promote the breed in the United States and throughout the world by the breed name of "Biewer Yorkie". The American Canine Registry formed the Biewer Yorkie Association on May 15, 2003 preparing to set in place breed standards and other club necessities and applied for recognition in 2004 to be the Biewer Breed Club for ACR.

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Biewer Yorkshire Terriers - Male dogs

Biewer Yorkshire Terriers - Female dogs






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There are the New Champions in our Kennel!!!

Krass Orion VIP Persona - Y CH UA
Krass Orion Angel is A Gold Luxury - CH UA
Krass Orion Harry Poter - Y CH UA

yorkie yorkie yorkie yorkie yorkie
Yorkshire Terriers, Biewer-Yorkshire Terriers, Pomeranians (Poms) Kennel - "Krass Orion"

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